Discardlock Zoolock Season 32 Nov 2016

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Discardlock Zoolock Season 32 Nov 2016Discardlock, Zoolock, Zoo Warlock, whatever you want to call the deck, this latest Warlock build with the Karazhan discard mechanics is the strongest Warlock list right now, Season 32, November 2016.

A few players brought this, or a very similar list to Blizzcon this year and it performed well. It has burst, card draw, taunts, sticky minions, a bit of everything. You can steal a win vs any deck, that’s what makes this list to effective. It’s also an easy deck to play, and the games are quick, so it’s a great ladder climbing deck.

Mulligan for plenty of 1-drops, you’re almost always going to curve out strong. Then just manage your draw and discards and always trade unless you’re facing down lethal in 1-2 turns.

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