Dog Tempo Mage w Rhonin Barnes Sept 16

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Dog Tempo Mage w Rhonin Barnes Sept 16This is the Dog Tempo Mage w Rhonin Barnes Sept 16 he was playing on stream. It’s interesting to see a different Tempo Mage list doing well and there is some decent synergy in this deck. Obviously, the dream is to get a 1/1 Rhonin from Barnes, butt here are some other strong combos.

You’re almost going to get some Fireballs from Archmage Antonidas. There is less burn in the core cards than most Mage lists and more card draw to help you get to a big combo turn quicker. I like using Rhonin, the fireworks that go off with Flamewaker and Missiles is too much fun!

Give it a go and see how you do, it was performing well at high legend for Dog.

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