Forsen Barnes Karazhan Tempo Mage Deck

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Forsen Barnes Karazhan Tempo Mage DeckThis is the latest Forsen Barnes Karazhan Tempo Mage Deck he’s been playing on ladder and doing pretty well with.

I like seeing a Mage deck with Archmage Antonidas and Rhonin. You don’t see these two in the same list often, but the synergy is insane if you can pull it off.

Archmage Antonidas is still a really strong threat. This rank one deck from Rooftrellen made excellent use of this card as a finisher.

Mulligan Guide for Tempo Mage

You always want all or as many of the following cards when doing a mulligan for Tempo Mage depending on your opponent:

  • Mana Wyrm
  • Mirror Image
  • Sorcerer’s Apprentice
  • Cult Sorcerer

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