Forsen Karazhan Prophet Velen Burst Priest Deck

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Forsen Karazhan Prophet Velen Burst Priest DeckThis is the Forsen Karazhan Prophet Velen Burst Priest Deck he plays on stream if you want to try it out. It’s a strong list, and it will take opponents by surprise, but it’s not META breaking.

This is more of a fun deck than a solid ladder deck. You can climb with it, and Forsen does. But you will find yourself saying how lucky your opponents are just like he does. 🙂

The main problem with Priest is that you give your opponents time, especially with the burst versions like this one. With so much aggro on the ladder it’s frustrating trying to set up a finishing combo. It’s fun though, give it a go.

Mulligan Guide for Prophet Velen Priest

Playing Mind Vision on turn one when you’re going first is fine. Otherwise look for early removal spells like Shadow Word: Pain, and Shadow Word: Death. Keep Barnes too, three of your four minions are Barnes targets.

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