Forsen Leeroy Jenkins Warlock Deck

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How to Play This DeckForsen Leeroy Jenkins Warlock Deck

This Forsen Leeroy Jenkins Warlock Deck is a pretty good deck to counter the META of aggro Shaman, Tempo Warrior, and C’Thun decks. It has plenty of burn and burst damage for finishing off your opponent. If you fish for extra Power Overwhelming‘s or Soulfire‘s from the Dark Peddler you can stack some serious damage. I’ve lost count of the amount of games I’ve won with Leeroy Jenkins + Power Overwhelming x2 for 14 damage.

Mulligan for as many one drops as possible and flood the board. Use sticky minions or buff health if your opponent is likely to have AOE. Value trade all day long until you have a clear path the face.

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