Forsen Malygos Yogg Shaman Karazhan Deck

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Forsen Malygos Yogg Shaman Karazhan DeckThis is the current Forsen Malygos Yogg Shaman Karazhan Deck list. Malygos lists are fun and the burst damage can end any game quickly.

This deck has a lot of board clears and card draw to stall and cycle you closer to your combo pieces. It’s hard to play at first, you need to manage your overload carefully and sometimes take some extra damage to avoid overloading so you can’t do what you want the next turn.

It’s a strong deck, and Hex is really good in this META as it deals with C’Thun, Tirion, and some other minions that can be reused by opponents.

Mulligan Guide for Malygos Shaman Decks

If you’re facing aggro keep Maelstorm Portal. Always look for Far Sight and Rockbiter, and keep Feral Spirits if you have the coin.

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