Forsen Patron Hogger Warlock Deck

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How to Play This DeckForsen Patron Hogger Warlock Deck

I thought I would share this Forsen Patron Hogger Warlock Deck as it’s a fun deck that’s pretty strong in the current META. It shuts down a lot of aggro decks and is a problem for Tempo Mage in particular. Obviously, you don’t have the easy activators for Grim Patron as you do in Patron Warrior, but you can fill the board with a setup.

Mulligan for one drops and floor the board as you would with a Zoolock deck. Wild Pyromancer is your main activator. Use this in synergy with Grim Patron and Hogger, Doom of Elwynn to duplicate your Patrons and taunt up. If you can land a good Emperor Thaurissan on some key cards you can take board advantage and turn a game round. It’s one of the more fun and creative decks as you would expect from ‘Never Lucky’ Forsen, enjoy!

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