Forsen Renounce Darkness Yogg OG Standard Deck

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How to Play This DeckForsen Renounce Darkness Yogg OG Standard Deck

Renounce Darkness is one of those interesting and fun cards that doesn’t get much play. When you do play it you can get some insane wins, have a lot of fun, and start to believe in the card. This Forsen Renounce Darkness Yogg OG Standard Deck falls into this category.

I’ve played this deck for 30+ games and have a slightly less than 50% win ratio. It’s certainly more of a fun deck than a seriously laddering deck. The Yogg-Saron ending brings chaos to any game, Elise Starseeker gives you that end game random influx of legendaries too.

I’m interested to hear how anyone gets on with this deck. Feel free to drop me a comment if you have any tech changes that improve the deck. I’ve love to have a solid Renounce Darkness deck to ladder with.

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