Fr0zen PAX One Nation of Gamers Dragon Warrior Deck

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Anyone following the Hearthstone tournament scene will know that Fr0zen won Fr0zen PAX One Nation of Gamers Dragon Warrior Deckthe PAX West tournament held on the 2-3 September, 2016.

This tourney was a pretty big deal and most of the best Hearthstone Pro’s were there. So, to win it was pretty damn awesome, and I thought I’d look at the decks he used.

He turned up with 5 of the strongest META decks, and although sometimes tournament decks are sometimes teched to deal with certain classes, his decks are pretty standard strong ladder decks. He used:

Malygos Druid

Dragon Warrior

Aggro Shaman

Miracle Rogue

Midrange Hunter

Dragon Warrior is still a really strong deck and the recent new cards from Karazhan only made it stronger. This is always a good choice as a tournament deck, but don’t be surprised if it’s banned in formats that allow one ban. If you curve out well there aren’t many classes that can stop the pain.

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