How to Get Arcane Anomaly

How to Get Arcane Anomaly

Wondering how to get Arcane Anomaly?

It’s easy, just complete the second boss in the first wing from the adventure One Night in Karazhan.

The Parlor One Night in Karazhan Wing One Boss Two

Just click on the second boss within the first wing called The Parlor as shown in the picture above. You will have to choose a deck that you have pre-made, just select any of your ladder decks and you should breeze through it.

Magic Mirror Boss Battle One Night in Karazhan

Here is your reward, the new card Arcane Anomaly.

Arcane Anomoly Hearthstone Card One Night in KarazhanThis is a 1 mana minion, whenever you cast a spell, this minion gains +1 health.

Nothing to get too excited about here. It’s a decent card to enter the 1 drop rotation and will be a good pick in arena sometimes. I don’t think it will see much play in constructed though.


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