How To Get Azari the Devourer and Destroy Your Opponents Deck

Kobolds and Catacombs Hearthstone Art

One of the more interesting cards from the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion is Azari, the Destroyer.

It’s Battlecry is: Destroy your opponent’s deck.

Azari The Devourer HS Warlock Card

It’s not easy to get this card in-hand though, you need to play 5 Seal’s beforehand with a total of 25 mana, then play the card for 10 mana.

These are the seal cards:

The First Seal HS Warlock CardThe Second Seal HS Warlock CardThe Third Seal HS Warlock CardThe Fourth Seal HS Warlock CardThe Final Seal HS Warlock Card

As you can see you do get a Demon with every seal you play too. The cost does seem a little high right now, but it’s always hard to gauge new cards before we’ve seen the whole set.

Certainly, some theory crafting ideas for control Warlock decks. Destroying your opponent’s deck is a powerful mechanic and will put them straight into fatigue.

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