How to Get HS Card Malchezaar’s Imp

How to Get HS Card Malchezaar's Imp

If you’re wondering how to get HS card Malchezaar’s Imp – you have to complete the third boss called Free Medivh in the fourth wing of the One Night in Karazhan adventure called The Spire.

The Spire Boss Three Free Medivh One Night in Karazhan

This boss battle is actually two bosses. The first boss is called Nazra Wildaxe, she pretty much juts goes face with weapons and her hero power summons 3/2 orcs. Kill her as soon as possible, but beware – the board will be cleared with a Twisting Nether after so don’t spam the board with minions.

One Night in Karazhan Boss Nazra Wildaxe

The second boss is called Prince Malchezaar. You are given the Medivh, the Guardian’s weapon Atiesh so save your highest mana spells. You will need to summon large minions from the spells to beat him.

One Night in Karazhan Boss Prince Malchezaar

Hearthstone Card Malchezaar’s Imp

Malchezaar's Imp Hearthstone Card One Night in KarazhanThe card reads: Whenever you discard a card, draw a card.

There have been Discardlock decks with the cards already available, this is the final piece in the deck to be released.

It’s a great card and will be used in a lot od discard deck builds, will have to see how strong the decks end up being.

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