How to Get HS Card Nightbane Templar

How to Get HS Card Nightbane Templar

If you’re wondering how to get HS card Nightbane Templar – you have to complete the second boss called Nightbane in the third wing of the One Night in Karazhan adventure The Menagerie.

One Night in Karazhan Menagerie Boss Two Nightbane

This boss is really fun, and easy. You start with 10 mana so you can drop some fatty minions on turn one and start pounding on the boss.

Nightbane Boss Two One Night in Karazhan

Hearthstone Card Nightbane Templar

Nightbane Templar Hearthstone Card One Night in KarazhanThe card reads: Battlecry: If you’re holding a Dragon, summon two 1/1 Whelps.

This is going to be a great card in aggressive Paladin decks that include Dragons. Good synergy with Darkshire Steward too.

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