How to Get HS Card Prince Malchezaar

How to Get HS Card Prince Malchezaar

If you’re wondering how to get HS card Prince Malchezaar – You have to complete all three bosses in the fourth wing of the adventure One Night in Karazhan – The Spire.

The Spire Boss Three Free Medivh One Night in Karazhan

The bosses are not hard on the normal mode, and after beating them all you unlock all the cards for the wing except the Class Challenges. I cover each of the bosses in separate posts and which cards you unlock from each boss, just follow the links below:

Boss One – Medivh’s Valet and Spirit Claws.

Boss Two – Netherspite Historian and Book Wyrm.

Boss Three – Malchezaar’s Imp and Ironforge Portal.

Hearthstone Card Prince Malchezaar

Prince Malchezaar Hearthstone Card One Night in KarazhanThe card reads: At the start of your turn, shuffle 5 random Legendary minions into your deck.

This card has a lot of people split on how good – or bad it is. It’s going to take some extensive testing to find out, it’s just too hard to predict.

Will the extra cards help, if you get bad legendaries will it be a problem? The body is fairly good, and it’s a demon, so there is a home for this card I’m sure.

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