Hearthstone Wild Tournament 2019 – My Journey to Qualify

Hearthstone Wild Tournament 2019 - My Journey to Qualify

Blizzard announced that there is going to be a third Wild Open Tournament in 2019. I’m one of the few who enjoy playing wild, it’s a kinda crazy format as I will get into more later, but I do play a bit of wild ladder and enjoy it.

Moreso, I like a challenge, so, I figured, why not see if I can qualify for the Wild Open. And, I may as well blog about it so you guys and girls can follow along and laugh when I fail – or we can hook up and help each other!

How Do You Qualify for the Wild Open?

The qualification requirement is pretty straight forward:

Finish in the top 100 for your regions wild ladder in the January 2019 season.

Sounds simple, right? On a regular season I don’t think it would be too hard, if you hit legend in Standard, you’d just have to concentrate on Wild and I’m sure it would be possible.

The top 100 will then face off in a playoff tournament in the middle of February, with the top 2 from each region facing off at the Open Finals towards the end of February.

So, there are two parts to this. Finishing top 100 (which obviously I will focus on first), then the knockout tournament.

Hearthstone Wild Tournament 2019 Prize Pool

I’m not in it for the money (everyone cool says that), but there is a fairly decent prize pool on the line.

I think it’s enough to stimulate a lot of decent players to compete, especially as there isn’t much going on with the Standard ladder next month:

What Is My Plan for Finishing Top 100 – Am I Good Enough?

I’m all about efficiency. I don’t want to play more games than I have to, so I’m going to be smart about how I approch this and try to come up with the path of least resistance to getting that finish.

First of all, I pushed to legend on the wild EU ladder this month. I did this for two reasons;

  1. I will now start at rank 4 when the season resets.
  2. Wild is pretty dead when there isn’t a tourney going on, so it was probably easier to rank up now than it will be next month.

I entered legend at around #250 and thought I might as well see if I could hit top 100.

I actually didn’t lose a game and stopped at rank #89 for now.

Now it’s not going to feel as foreign next season when I hit top 100, but I do expect it to be a lot more difficult.

So, yeah, I think I’m good enough. The challenge will be adjusting to the META next month.

Which Decks Are Good in Wild?

In case you haven’t heard, in the Wild format you can use any card for your entire collection (opposed to just the cards printed in the last year that are available in standard.)

This makes for a much wider range of possible decks. Although, in my experience, there are fewer “Top tier” decks than you see in standard. But this is mostly due to lack of refinement and the smaller player base in my opinion.

There are a lot more broken cards that can turn games on their head however. Barnes, pulling Mal’Ganis, Aviana combos, and Dr.Boom are just a few examples.

Anyhow, the three main decks I’ve been using for months now that have gone almost unchanged are Even Shaman, Odd Rogue, and Big Priest. Decklists as follows:

I might have to mix it up a bit more next month, but we will see. I will start playing some games and see what meta is forming.

The Even Shaman is great at dealing with aggressive pirate decks with the double crawlers and Maelstrom Portals. It also has big minions to push past taunts and small AOE’s. I think it’s one of the top deck currently for sure.

Odd Rogue is more aggressive and better at beating slower decks than Shaman, so I usually switch to it if I’m running into Big Priests and Control Warlocks.

I play Big Priest mostly for fun. If you draw Barnes on 4 you have a very high % chance of winning, but it’s not something I like to rely on. It’s still one of the strongest decks in wild due to the amount of large high-value minions you can get on the board.

Right, that’s it for now. I will post weekly updates on my progress. The plan is to hit legend quickly in week 1, then go into cruise control, but we shall see how it goes.

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