Hotform Top 10 Legend Y’Shaarj Curator Druid Deck

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Hotform Top 10 Legend Y'Shaarj Curator Druid DeckThis is an interesting deck I was watching Hotform play inside the top 10 legend on NA this week. It’s a Y’Shaarj, Curator Druid Deck.

Control decks are doing really well since the nerfs on a few of the aggro cards. There isn’t so much threat in the first few turns and once you stabilize if you’re playing control you’re going to pull away from those annoying aggro decks.

There is loads of synergy and strong combinations in this deck. A Fandral, Ragnaros or Y’Shaarj from Banes is pretty insane. Arcane Giants for 0 mana, Stampeding Kodo’s, it’s a fun deck!

I’ve played a few games with it and it seems to do well vs Shamans, but it pretty horrible vs Hunter’s which seem to be popular right now. See how you get on.

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