How to Get HS Card Babbling Book (formerly) Raving Grimoire

How to Get HS Card Babbling Book

If you’re wondering how to get HS card Babbling Book – you have to complete the Mage Class Challenge in The Menagerie, the third wing in the adventure One Night in Karazhan.

The Menagerie Class Challenges One Night in Karazhan

There are three class challenges as part of The Menagerie. Warrior, Mage, and Hunter.

The Mage challenge puts you in with the second boss Nightbane. So you get the 10 mana to play around with, and with new cards like Medivh, the Guardian, Avian Watcher, and Medivh’s Valet, it’s a fun challenge to try out these cards.

I played Medivh, the Guardian and cast a Firelands Portal – only to see it put an Acidmaw on the board so it was easy from there on. I hope I get that kind of luck when playing the card on ladder.

Hearthstone Card Babbling Book

Raving Grimoire Hearthstone Card One Night in KarazhanThe card reads: Add a random Mage spell to your hand.

I’m not sure about this card. It takes up a deck slot just to throw a spell into your hand. The 1/1 isn’t going to do anything to the board. Will have to see if it finds a place in the META.

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