How to Multibox Hearthstone: Play 2 or 3 Servers at Same Time

How to Multibox Hearthstone Play 2 or 3 Servers at Same Time

I grind to legend on NA and EU every month. I became a lot quicker once I found out how to multibox Hearthstone so I could play both servers at the same time.

I have a window for EU on one monitor, NA on the other, and grind away. If you play aggro you can get through 20-30 games in an hour across two servers, so if you value your time it’s a winner.

Here is how you set everything up to start multiboxing (and yes it’s fine with Blizzard – it’s not against any TOS or anything).

How to Multibox Hearthstone in 4 Steps

This may differ a little depending on your operating system. But this is what I did to set up multiboxing Hearthstone using Windows 10.

Step 1 – Use File Explorer to find where the Hearthstone files are located on your PC. You can see in the screenshot where I found mine at This PC>Local Disk (C:)>Program Files (x86)>Hearthstone

How to Multibox Hearthstone file locations

Step 2 – Right click the Hearthstone application file. Choose properties, and then compatibility, then run is in Windows XP (Service Pack 2) mode. (See screenshot below.)

How to Multibox Hearthstone compatability

Step 3 – Now you need to go to your client. Under settings>General – you will see Allow multiple instances of

Check the box as per the screenshot below.

How to Multibox Hearthstone Multiple Instances

Step 4 – That’s it, you’re ready to play 1, 2 or 3 regions at the same time in separate windows now.

Choose your regions and open up windows for each region and test your multi-tasking skills. Just don’t miss lethal! 🙂

How to Multibox Hearthstone Chosing Multiple Regions

Tips When Running Multiple Instances of Hearthstone

There is no point running two instances and playing on two servers if your win rate suffers because of it.

I’m able to maintain the same win rate and climb on both servers as I would playing one, so it works for me.

Here a few tips that might help:

  • Use the same deck on all servers. It requires less thinking when swapping from window to window.
  • Don’t rush. You have 75 seconds per turn which is more than enough to think through your turn on one screen and swap to the other.
  • Use two monitors. Don’t try and minimize one window when you’re playing the other, or make the windows so small it’s hard to see.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can’t run two instances of the same region for the same account. That wouldn’t make any sense as I’m sure you can understand.

You can play two different accounts though if you want to build up another account while you’re grinding your main account.

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