Ikealyou EU Summer Championships Decklists

Hearthstone Blizzcon Championship 2016

The top 8 players who qualified from the EU Summer Prelims are meeting in an 8 man tourney at the EU Summer Championships this weekend 24th and 25th September 2016.

It’s always interesting to see the decklists of the players beforehand to see how they have prepared and what they are teching for. Ikealyou EU Summer Championships decklists are below. He has a strong lineup opting for mostly strong META decks/classes.

This is high-stakes stuff, the winner moves on to Blizzcon to play for the big money in a tournament vs the other seasonal championship winners. You can watch all the action on the Hearthstone official Twitch channel – playhearthstone.

The 8 players playing in the EU Summer Championships are (click name to see decklists):

You can check all the key dates and previous players to qualify for Blizzcon here.

Here are the Ikealyou EU Summer Championships Decklists

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Ikealyou EU Summer Championships Decklists

Ikealyou EU Summer Championships Druid Deck

No surprise to see Malygos Druid here, it’s one of the strongest decks right now and will get a win if not banned.

Ikealyou EU Summer Championships Rogue Deck

Another player bringing the Questing Adventurer rogue list. It’s hard for most classes to deal with a large concealed Questing Adventurer and Edwin VanCleef. Brawl is the best answer so I expect Ikealyou to ban Warrior.

Ikealyou EU Summer Championships Shaman Deck

An aggro Shaman with 1 x Earth Shock teched in. I love earth shock and include it in most of my lists, you are pretty much guaranteed to see a good target for it. I’m looking forward to seeing how this inclusion works out.

Ikealyou EU Summer Championships Hunter Deck

Another midrange Hunter list. Barnes and Ragnaros are in his list, could see some crazy Barnes RNG.

Ikealyou EU Summer Championships Warrior Deck

A fairly standard control Warrior list, not much to say other than it’s going to be a long game if it sees play. Tank up!

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