All Kobolds and Catacombs Legendary Cards

Best Knights of the Frozen Throne Legendary Cards to Craft

Much like The Knights of the Frozen Throne gave us a Death Knight per class, Kobolds and Catacombs is giving us a Legendary Weapon per class along with another minion.

Here is a complete list of the legendaries from the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion.

There are 2 per class, and 5 neutral legendaries.

Hunter Legendary Cards

Rhok'delar HS Hunter Legendary CardKathrena Winterwisp HS Hunter Legendary Card

Mage Legendary Cards

Aluneth HS Mage CardDragoncaller Alanna HS Mage Legendary Card

Paladin Legendary Cards

Val'anyr HS Paladin Legendary CardLynessa Sunsorrow HS Legendary Paladin Card

Priest Legendary Cards

Dragon Soul HS Priest CardTemporus HS Priest Legendary Card

Rogue Legendary Cards

Kingsbane HS Rogue Legendary CardSonya HS Rogue Legendary Card

Shaman Legendary Cards

The Runespear HS Shaman Legendary Weapon CardGrumble Worldshaker HS Shaman Legendary Card

Warrior Legendary Cards

Woecleaver HS Warrior Legendary CardGeosculptor Yip HS Warrior Legendary Card

Warlock Legendary Cards

Skull of the Manari HS Warlock Legendary CardRin The First Disciple HS Warlock Card

Druid Legendary Cards

Twig of the World Tree HS Druid Legendary Weapon CardIxlid, Fungal Lord HS Druid Legendary Card

Neutral Legendaries

Zola the Gorgon HS Legendary cardThe Darkness HS Legendary CardMarin The Fox HS CardKing Togwaggle HS Legendary CardMaster Oakheart HS Card

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