Kolento C’Thun Druid Legend Rank Video

Druid Hearthstone Decks and Guides

This Kolento C’Thun Druid Legend Rank Video takes you through some Kolento C'Thun Druid Legend Rank Videogames near the end of the season with Kolento climbing to high legend with his C’Thun Druid build.

Druid is one of the better classes to use C’Thun with. You can put up big taunts to stall the turns out, as well as using card draw to help find C’Thun in your deck.

With 10 cards that all buff C’Thun it’s easy to build up a huge C’Thun. You can expect to drop a 15/15 + C’Thun without too much of a problem and not long past turn 10.

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