Kolento High Legend Burgle Rogue Deck

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Mryagut High Legend Burgle Rogue DeckKolento is one of my favorite pro players and one of the best deck builders
in Hearthstone. This is the Kolento High Legend Burgle Rogue Deck he was playing on stream this week and gave me some tech ideas how to change my list.

Burgle Rogue decks became a ‘thing’ when Ethereal Peddler was released in the last wing from One Night in Karazhan. The MrYagut build was quick to hit high legend, Thijs made a good N’Zoth list and other pro players have similar list that have done well.

Lowering the cost of cards you’ve stolen from your opponents class makes even rubbish cards worth playing most of the time. The good cards you steal and really good when they are cheaper.

With a bit of luck on the steals you can cheat the mana curve, play some good minions early, and gain a tempo swing. The 5/6 body on the Peddler is pretty good too. It’s an awesome card, and this deck can hang at the top legend ranks.

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