Kolento Legendary N’Zoth Control Warrior Deck

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Kolento Legendary N'Zoth Control WarriorThis is the Kolento Legendary N’Zoth Control Warrior Deck he’s been playing on ladder at high-legend rank. The Standard Format Control Warrior is missing some of those really powerful cards like Sludge Belcher that are now in Wild Format. But this still a strong list in the current META, even if Control Warrior is a lot less popular than it used to be.

This list seems a lot stronger than the lists running one Brawl and Yogg as a late game finisher. There is a lot of aggro on ladder at the moment, so mulligan for lots of early removal and be prepared to Brawl on turn 5.

Once you enter mid to late game and you’re tanking up there aren’t many decks that can keep pace with Control Warrior.

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