Kolento N’Zoth Priest Deck Oct Season 31

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Kolento N'Zoth Priest Deck Oct Season 31Looking for a strong N’Zoth Priest decklist? This is the Kolento N’Zoth Priest Deck Oct Season 31 he was playing on ladder, and climbing at a decent rate too. Priest still has some strong control lists, the C’Thun list is very good in the current META, as is this N’Zoth list.

This list plays out by controlling the board with the efficient removal tools it has. You heal faster than aggro decks can deal direct damage, and after cycling your deathrattle minions when you drop N’Zoth there are few decks that can win from that point.

The main counter is a Brawl from a Warrior or other N’Zoth decks. But getting to the point of dropping N’Zoth is going to lead to a win in most matches.

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