Kolento Warrior OTK w Runic Egg Deck

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Kolento Warrior OTK w Runic Egg DeckThis is the Kolento Warrior OTK w Runic Egg Deck he’s been playing on stream. It’s similar to the Thijs Warrior OTK deck, but I feel it’s a little more consistent by dropping Yogg.

Runic Egg looks like it’s going to be a decent card cycling option in OTK decks and other decks that need to look for combo pieces. This deck was popularized by the Neviilz list hitting rank 1 legend, it’s still a top tier deck but isn’t easy to play so don’t get frustrated by losing a lot at first if you’re new to the deck.

Mulligan Guide for OTK Warrior Decks

You want to start cycling as soon as possible so mulligan for Runic Egg, Wild Pyromancer, Fiery War Axe, Acolyte of Pain, and Blood to Ichor.

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