Loyan Karazhan Midrange Shaman Top 100 Legend

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Loyan Karazhan Midrange Shaman Top 100 LegendIf you want a current midrange Shaman list this is the Loyan Karazhan Midrange Shaman Top 100 Legend list he’s using on ladder.

Loyan is well-known for his Shaman lists so you can’t go wrong net-decking off him. This is a pretty standard list. I’m glad he dropped the Flamejugglers, those guys always seem to go face for me. The inclusion of two Maelstrom Portal’s brings some of the new Karazhan flavor to the list and helps vs Zoolock which has always been one of the hardest matchups.

It’s a really strong list in the current META and I don’t see it changing for some time now that we know all the Karazhan cards.

Mulligan Guide for Midrange Shaman

Getting a fast start with Shaman is devastating for opponents. Mulligan hard for Argent Squires and Tunnel Troggs, leading into Flametongue Totem and Totem Golem on turn two. Keep a Maelstrom vs aggo, particularly Zoolock. Try and hold it until they use Forbidden Ritual if you can as it’s the perfect counter.

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