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How to Play This DeckMalygos Druid Deck 2016 OG

Malygos decks are the ultimate in OTK burn. Malygos gives your spells +5 damage. So decks with Malygos are built around good card cycle, lots of burn spells, and minions to stall the game out a few extra turns.

This deck actually has 19 spells but it works perfectly. You have some extra card draw, and some possible synergy with Fandral Staghelm and Violet Teacher. There is also Yogg-Saon, Hope’s End for some late-game craziness after you have used a load of spells.

Ideally you want to play Malygos when you can play some damage spells directly after, such as innovate + Moonfire / Living Roots etc. There is a lot of hard removal in the current META so be aware of what your opponent is holding on to to remove a big minion.

Give this Malygos Druid Deck 2016 OG a try.

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