Which Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Legendaries to Dust?

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With Mean Streets of Gadgetzan released and all your packs opened do you still need some of the best legendaries from the expansion?

You need to dust the bad legendaries that will not be used much and craft the ones that will see more play. Dust is a finite resource though, so you have to make careful decisions.

Here are some of the legendaries that I recommend dusting though, they aren’t going to be an auto-include in any decks and are just fun cards at best.

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Legendaries to Dust

Here are some of the legendaries that aren’t seeing immediate play, and don’t look like they are META breaking or worth sitting in your collection when you could be crafting better ones;

Genzo, the Shark

Genzo, the Shard HS Legendary CardIf like me, you got this guy from a pack then you should dust him.

He fits into a niche mill deck somewhere I’m sure, but it’s not worth keeping Genzo for that use.



Mayor Noggenfogger

Mayor Noggenfogger HS Legendary CardI can’t even image what deck you would want to put Mayor Noggenfogger in. He reminds me of Mogor the Ogre and I never looked back after dusting that one.

Turn him into 400 dust towards a decent legendary, or some other cards.



Auctionmaster Beardo

Auctionmaster Beardo HS Legendary Card

This is another legendary with a fringe use. You still need to pay 2 mana for your hero power so how are you going to fit in spells + more hero powers?

Turn this guy into dust and if you don’t have Patches the Pirate yet it’s better spent in that direction.

Madam Goya

Madam Goya HS Legendary CardThis is an interesting card and there is loads of fun you can have with Madam Goya.

But with so many good legendaries to dust it’s not worth keeping for those low tier fun decks.

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