Mid Range Shaman Deck to Counter the META

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How to Play This DeckMidrange Shaman Deck

With all the early season aggro on the ladder you need to make smart choices if you want to counter a lot of your opponents. Use this Mid Range Shaman Deck to Counter the META heavy with aggro decks.

You have some single target removals to take care of problematic minions. Being shaman, you have some insane burst damage from buffs when needed. And, of course some powerful cards (with overload).

Feral Spirits and Thing from Below are solid taunts to stop early aggro. There is a Lightning Storm and a Mana Tide Totem to keep up with Warlocks.

Thunder Bluff Valiant and Master of Evolution are two late game minions that offer really good value when used at the right times. Along with unlocking your locked mana crystals with Eternal Sentinel.

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