Miracle Rogue Deck Leeroy Jenkins Old Gods

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How to Play This DeckMiracle Rogue Deck Leeroy Jenkins Old Gods

This Miracle Rogue Deck Leeroy Jenkins Old Gods build will take up the ladder in a hurry. Leeroy Jenkins is all over the META right now. Having 6 burst combined with other spells is an extremely powerful finisher. Rogue has a lot of removal spells to keep the board clear, so setting up a combo with a Gadgetzan Auctioneer turn isn’t difficult.

The key value cards to make good use of in this deck are Sap, and Shadowstep. If you can Sap an expensive drop, like Ragnaros, or Edwin Van Cleef then you can set up a huge tempo swing turn. Giving you a window to set up that burst combo.

Conceal your units for a guaranteed lethal and watch your opponents rage concede.

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