Moat Lurker Control Warrior Deck High Legend

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Moat Lurker Control Warrior Deck High LegendI’ve seen Moat Lurker creeping into a few decks, but the most successful I’ve seen so far is this Moat Lurker Control Warrior Deck High Legend achieved.

I’ve seen a few players using this list at the high end of the legend ranks, <100. Moat Lurker is good in control warrior because you’re not fighting for board with minions and can remove most threats with cheap removal. So you can really pick your target to use Moat Lurker on.

You can use Moat Lurker on your  own Sylvannas if you’ve hit an Emperor Thaurissan discount too. Trigging the deathrattle, and of course bringing Sylvannas back when Moat Lurker dies.

Mulligan Guide for Moat Lurker Control Warrior

Look for Blood to Ichor, Fiery War Axe and Acolyte of Pain. These cards allow you to control the board early and start cycling cards.

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