Muzzy Rank 1 Legend Oct Midrange Shaman Deck

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Muzzy Rank 1 Legend Oct Midrange Shaman DeckMuzzy decided to race to legend this season (season 31, Oct 16) and within 48 hours had hit rank 1. This is the Muzzy Rank 1 Legend Oct Midrange Shaman Deck he used for most of the climb, in particular the end part of the climb.

I saw him try a few different decks during the climb, but if you want to get the job done Shaman is still the strongest class overall and has the most consistency across the current META.

This is a pretty standard midrange list. Thet Harrison Jones tech is always a good choice and I love including this card. It gives you an advantage in the mirror match, and there are always plenty of Warriors on ladder. You can keep Harrison if you have the coin in a mirror match, you will usually end up sending a Spirit Claws to the museum.


Muzzy Race to Rank 1 Legend with Midrange Shaman Season 31 Oct

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