Neviilz Hallazeal Windfury Shaman Deck

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This Neviilz Hallazeal Windfury Shaman Deck is the deck he used on Neviilz Hallazeal Windfury Shaman Deckstream to do some ladder climbing. It’s a control deck that has enough healing to take you into the late game so you can drop a big minion and give it windfury.

Hallazeal the Ascended – ‘Whenever your spells deal damage, restore that much health to your hero’.

If you can use Elemental Destruction you can clear and heal for an insane amount. That’s the combo to look out for.

Takes a bit of practice to get used to this deck. But after 20 or so games I’m around 60% win ratio. It’s a load of fun, and there are some crazy win-from-behind opportunities.

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