Neviilz Karazhan Evolve Shaman Deck

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Neviilz Karazhan Evolve Shaman DeckI’m see more of the evolve decks playing at high legend, and Neviilz is partly to blame. This is the Neviilz Karazhan Evolve Shaman Deck he has been playing on ladder. There are quite a few lists going around, which makes the deck even more interesting.

The fact that you just want as many minions on board to evolve means you can play around with some different minions and see what works for you. It’s the minions you get from the evolve that is of most interest.

I have to stop evolving 1-cost minions, the frequency that I get a Doomsayer is just ridiculous. You’ll probably have better luck than me though, although evolving the 3-cost minions seems to be the sweet spot.


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