Neviilz Majordomo Executus Mage Deck

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Neviilz Majordomo Executus DeckWhen it comes to interesting, different, innovative, and more importantly – decks that work. Neviilz is one of the best. This Neviilz Majordomo Executus Mage Deck is what he was playing on stream today and doing pretty well so I thought I’d share it.

The idea is to change your hero into Ragnaros through the deathrattle of Majordomo Executus. You will only have 8 health, but you will get a hero power that does 8 damage to a random target.

Set Ice Block in place so you can’t die. Have Coldarra Drake on the board, and you can use as many hero power’s a turn as you want. Sounds simple, right?

Neviilz was pulling i toff pretty often, and winning without using the combo too. Give the deck ad try and see how you get on.

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