Neviilz Meme Shaman Deck

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Neviilz Meme Shaman DeckThis is the Neviilz Meme Shaman Deck that he has been recking people with. It’s a N’Zoth Shaman with a lot of the cards in the Bogchamp and Concede Shaman decks.

These decks are crazy. If you can land an Ancestral Spirit on an Earth Elemental, Chillmaw, or Sylvannas you are going to swing the game in most instances.

Then there is Faceless Manipulator, loads of healing, and board clears. There are loads of win conditions and it’s a fun deck to play. Not for your opponents though, they call it concede Shaman for a reason.

One thought on “Neviilz Meme Shaman Deck”

  1. It’s called concede shaman because it’s a terrible deck and the one PLAYING it usually concedes. This is not a good deck, good players can win with it though.

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