Neviilz OTK Worgen Warrior Deck

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This is the Neviilz OTK Worgen Warrior Deck that is Neviilz OTK Worgen Warrior Decktaking the ladder by storm right now. I watched Neviilz taking this deck to rank 1 legend on stream. It’s no surprise that there are lots of people playing this deck on ladder now.

To play this deck you are cycling until you find your combo pieces. Look for as many of the following cards as possible:

Raging Worgen


Faceless Manipulator


Inner Rage

Then look to slam Emperor Thaurissan down and discount these cards.

I won’t do the math for you but take a look at all these cards and how much damage they add to the Worgen. You can do upwards of 60+ damage, so it’s certainly an OTK deck.


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