Neviilz Shadowcaster Yogg Rogue Deck

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This is the Neviilz Shadowcaster Yogg Rogue Deck he was having success Neviilz Shadowcaster Yogg Rogue Deckwith on stream. it has all the typical staple Rogue cards, along with Yogg-Saron for that late game crazy win-condition.

Don’t blame anyone other than yourself if Yogg kills you. You sign up for anything to happen when you play Yogg. Although, when you play it on a board you are behind on, it’s more likely to help you then kill you.

Shadowcaster is an awesome card. You can add a 1/1 to your hand of SI:7 Agent, Xaril, Dark Iron Skulker, Emperor Thaurissan, they all offer insane value.

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