Neviilz Totemic Might Shaman Deck w Wicked Witchdoctor

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Neviilz Totemic Might Shaman DeckTotem Shaman decks have finally become a legit top tier deck. This is the Neviilz Totemic Might Shaman Deck w Wicked Witchdoctor the new card from One Night in Karazhan wing two.

These decks are incredibly fun to play and as soon as you start chaining spells with Wicked Witchdoctor you start filling the board with totems. Give them a buff with Totemic Might and they become hard for your opponent to remove, then Bloodlust for the win!

You can catch Neviilz on his Twitch channel to see VOD’s of him playing this deck, and I’m sure he will be playing it a lot more in the coming days.

General Mulligan Guide for Totemic Might Shaman

Mulligan hard for your Argent Squires, Totem Golems, and Flametongue Totems. You don’t want Witchdoctor until turn 5 or so when you also have a spell or two in hand ideally. Keep the Maelstrom Portals vs Zoolock, and Tuskarr Totemic on the coin if you have a one drop.

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