Neviilz Yogg-Saron Druid Deck

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How to Play This DeckNeviilz Yogg-Saron Druid Deck

This is Neviilz Yogg-Saron Druid Deck as seen on his stream.

Yogg-Saron comes with a disclaimer;

It may backfire and kill you instead of your opponent!

There are some times when you should and shouldn’t use Yogg-Saron however. Don’t drop him on a board that you have more minions that your opponent, or if you’re winning. It’s best used to make a crazy come from behind win.

Either way, it’s always fun, and it actually a legit card and win condition. Not just a crazy RNG drop.

This deck is fairly straightforward if you’re used to playing Druid. Try and mulligan for Innovate and Wild Growth to ramp up early and drop minions ahead of curve. Use as many spells as possible before dropping Yogg, if he doesn’t at least leave you with a neutral board state you will be up against it.


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