New Card Pompous Thespian

One Night in Karazhan Hearthstone Adventure

Pompous Thespian Hearthstone Card One Night in KarazhanThis is the New Card Pompous Thespian gives to us as an early reveal from the upcoming Hearthstone adventure One Night in Karazhan. Looks like a great arena card, not sure about constructed play.

Decks with taunt synergy may be a thing after the release of the new adventure. Warrior has a few cards that make this archetype look realistic, especially with the new card Protect the King, and Bolster which we already have.

This is a neutral card so expect it to be an auto include in arena decks as having a taunt is useful in the early game, and there aren’t that many better neutral 3/2’s. Cool card art too with the Annoy-o-Tron head being held by the stage actor, very Shakespearian.

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