NickChipper Legendary Midrange Hunter Deck

Hearthstone Hunter Class Art

NickChipper Legendary Midrange Hunter DeckNickChipper is regarded as one of the best Hunter players in Hearthstone. This is the NickChipper Legendary Midrange Hunter Deck he was playing in season 29. The interesting thing here is that even with two wings of Karazhan open, and cards like Cloaked Huntress and Kindly Grandmother available, he isn’t using either.

This is just a solid Midrange Hunter build that’s incredibly strong. Curve out into Highmane and Call of the Wild and you know what the most likely outcome is going to be.

General Midrange Hunter Mulligan Strategy

With only two one-drops I like to mulligan hard for these, while keeping a two-drop if in hand. On the coin double two-drops is really strong vs most decks, and you can Houndmaster a Fiery Bat on a later turn.

It’s ok to keep Quick Shot vs Tempo Mage and Dragon Warrior to remove Mana Wyrms and Alexstraza Champions.

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