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How to Play This DeckN'Zoth Paladin Deck

You may have seen this N’Zoth Paladin HS Deck on ladder since the release of Whispers of the Old Gods. It’s one of the strongest decks to come out of the new set, and works well as both a ladder and tournament deck.

The first few turns can be a little rocky. Fish for your board clears, like Doomsayer, Equality and Wild Pyromancer, Consecration, etc. Once you hit the mid to late game you should start building up a lead over your opponent.

Bringing back a Tirion Fordring with N’Zoth is going to make half your opponents rage quit. Your toughest matchups are against aggro decks like aggro shaman, face hunter, and zoolock. If you draw your heals you should be able to stabilize.

Think about what your opponent it likely to play and be proactive in the early rounds. Save that Stampeding Kodo for a value battlecry, as well as Harrison Jones.

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