Old Gods Patron Warrior Deck

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If you’re looking for an Old Gods Patron Warrior Deck list this is the most Old Gods Patron Warrior Deckeffective current build. Patron is still a very powerful build in both Standard and Wild formats.

The Harrison Jones tech is in response to the volume of Warriors in the current META, and if you put a Doomhammer in the museum you probably just won vs Shaman too.

Wild Pyromancer is awesome for both board clears vs aggro, and of course spamming those Patrons and enraging those Frothing Beserkers.

Don’t forget to draw those War Axes on turn one!

Sir Finley Mrrgglton choices:

vs most decks you’re looking for Hunter hero power.

vs aggro decks consider Mage or Druid hero power to control the board.

vs control decks consider Warlock hero power.

Evaluate your opponent and consider the best choice from what you’re offered. The Priest hero power has won me games before.  You will get a feel for what works and doesn’t work.

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