The Boomsday Project Expansion: Release Date, Card Details, More

Wait no longer peeps, the next Hearthstone expansion has been leaked (revealed) and it’s called The Boomsday Project.

There are some cool new effects, keywords, of course loads of new cards, and more.

Here’s what we know and I’ll update it as we get more info:

When Is the Boomsday Project Released?

The Boomsday Project is due to be released on the 7th August.

What New Cards Have Been Revealed from The Boomsday Project Expansion?

Spider Bomb – Hunter Card

Spider Bomb Hunter HS Boomsday Card

Biology Project – Druid Card

Biology Project HS Druid Boomsday Card

Omega Defender – Neutral Card

Omega Defender HS Boomsday Card

Electra Stormsurge – Shaman Legendary

Electra Stormsurge HS Shaman Legendary Boomsday Card

Myra’s Unstable Element – Rogue Legendary Spell

Myras Unstable Element HS Legendary Spell Boomsday

New Ability / Keyword – Magnetic

There is a new ability being revealed with the Boomsday set called – Magnetic

Magnetic allows you to fuse mech minions together to make combined, stronger, minions.

You can take the Spider Bomb above for example and add 2/2 plus the Deathrattle: Destroy a random enemy minion to an existing mech.

New Ability / Keyword – Project

There are going to be a number of Project cards released with the set. These are cards that have an upside for both players.

The Biology Project Druid card above is one of the revealed cards that demonstrates this.

If you want to ramp, you’re going to have to take your opponent with you and ramp them too!

New Ability / Keyword – Omega

Omega cards are cards that have fairly ordinary stats and effects, but when you play them while you have 10-mana crystals they get a huge boost.

The Omega Defender above was the example they have revealed to demonstrate this.

When you have 10 mana crystals and play it, it goes from a 2/ to a 12/6 gaining + 10 attack.

Legendary Spells

The Doomsday expansion is the first to release legendary spells. I think we all knew this day would come at some point to increase the reach of cards and their uses.

You can see the Rogue legendary card above, Myra’s Unstable Element as the example they’ve shown us.

Pretty powerful effect – Draw the rest of your deck. Great for combo and OTK

Boomsday Expansion Release Video

Here is the pre-release video with all the info above for you to see for yourself:


HSReplay Tier List July 2018: Best Meta Decks

Tier lists are designed to show you the best decks in the current meta to give you the best chance of winning on ladder against most of the current popular meta decks.

But, there are loads of tier lists, so which tier list is the best for Hearthstone?

In my opinion, it’s the HSReplay tier list. This is because this is the tier list that’s updated most often with real stats collected from games.

So, heading into the July season here is how the tier list looks and which are the strongest decks if you want to give yourself the best possible chance of queuing favorable matchups:

HSReplay Tier List July 2018

Tier 1

Odd Paladin 56.30%

Even Shaman 54.95%

HSReplay Tier List July 2018 Best Meta Decks

It’s no surprise to see Odd Paladin and Even Shaman locking down the tier 1 spots still.

The meta hasn’t changed in a while and both of these decks have mostly favorable matchups across the board.

They are aggressive enough and grab the board early to overpower other aggro decks, and can refill after control decks heal or use their AOE spells and keep the damage coming.

56% and 55% win rates respectively might not sound that impressive, but these are really high win rates when you look behind the data.

You can’t take these win rates at face value. If you play well and tech for the meta you should have at least a 60% win rate with either deck.

Tier 2

Token Druid 53.57%

Zoo Warlock 53.38%

Odd Rogue 53.25%

Big Druid 52.97%

Recruit Hunter 52.81%

HSReplay Tier List July 2018 Best Meta Decks Tier 2

Tier 2 is topped off with aggressive decks too.

I keep hearing people complaining about the meta being too slow and control decks like Taunt Druid and Even Warlock being too strong – well the stats disagree.

Zoo Warlock has had the biggest jump in popularity and power-level over the last few weeks.

There are a few different builds to choose from and it’s a really solid well-rounded aggro deck to try if you haven’t played it in a while.

How to Counter the Top Tier Meta Decks

I always prefer to counter the meta than jump on one of the top decks and face a load of mirrors.

Quest Warrior and Control Priest are great decks to deal with aggro. Quest Warrior in particular has a really easy time with both Odd Paladin and Even Shaman.

You can also tech the top tier decks to win against other similar decks.

This is why we’ve started to see cards like Void Ripper and Boisterous Bard sneaking into Odd Pally lists.

Being able to flip the stats on a board or add +1 health to your minions can swing a mirror match or aggro opponent.

I’ve been running two Void Rippers, they are actually really strong vs Druids to clear Spreading Plague, as well as other large taunts like Sleep Dragon or an early Tar Creeper.

Is HS Reply Premium Worth It?

HSReplay has become the go-to place for meta decks, tier lists, checking matchup statistics, and more.

The data on HSReplay is generated from real players using their deck tracker, which is an awesome tool for keeping track on your cards.

It’s updated several times a day too. So the information is about as fresh and relevant as it can get.

Almost all the pro rely heavily on using HSReplay when building tournament lineups, deciding which deck to play on ladder, and making those important tech choices to increase their win rate.

So, what’s the drawback?

Well, there is a free version of HSReplay, and a Premium version that costs about $5 per month.

The question is – Is HS Replay Premium worth it?

Will that $5 per month make a huge difference to your win rate in Hearthstone?

In a word – yes.

The free version of HSReplay is, as you’d expect, a good resource but the main features are reserved for paying members.

If you want to make real meta choices that matter, you do need the Premium version.

Here are some of the features that are unlocked when upgrading to Premium for example:

You can upgrade to HSReplay Premium by clicking here.

All the Filters Are Unlocked

All the Filters Are Unlocked

With the free version you can’t select legend only ranks for example, or set certain time periods.

When you upgrade to premium you can use all the filters. This allows you to drill down on a specific deck, for a specific time period, the ranks you are actually playing at, and more.

The meta shifts quite a lot depending on what rank you are, as well as from day-to-day in some instances. Being able to tailor the data to your exact requirements is actually a huge deal.

Track Your Decks and Cards

Track Your Decks and Cards

All your replays are stored and you have the ability to drill down on every card you’ve played and every deck.

This allows you to remove the lowest performing cards, look at your win rate with certain decks vs other decks, and make those little meta tweaks that can push your win rate up a few points.

Look at Specific Matchups

Look at Specific Matchups

General data is no good. You need specific data for actual matchups. With premium, you can select both decks in a match and look at everything from which cards to mulligan, the expected win rate, and more.

This is exactly the kind of data the pros use to make those tech choices in tournament lineups to target certain decks.

You can upgrade to HSReplay Premium by clicking here.

Upload Your Collection

Upload Your Collection

This is a pretty cool feature. It only takes a few seconds to sync your card collection ingame with HSReplay and you’ll see a ‘Buildable’ tag next to all the decks you can build.

Much quicker and easier than flicking through your collection to see what you can build or what cards you’re missing. I really like this feature.

More Detailed Analysis

More Detailed Analysis

There are various other features unlocked that let you go deeper into the analysis than you’ll probably ever need.

For example, you can look at a specific card and how it performs during various stages in a game, or look at how tech choices change matchups to mention a couple.

They also have an up-to-date tier list based on actual stats from games. Really helpful to jump on the top decks, or of course counter the meta.

What Does This Mean to Your Win Rate?

All we care about as Hearthstone players is our win rate, right?

The fact of the matter is that Premium HSReplay will give you that slight competitive edge over people who don’t have their finger on the pulse of the meta to the extent that HSreplay enables you to have.

So, as you can tell I’m a huge fan. This is because I use HSReplay daily to check the highest win rate decks, what to keep on the mulligan, and matchup stats.

For $5 everyone should try it for at least a month. It’s a small amount to pay for a huge resource that will take your gameplay to the next level – so check it out via the link below!

You can upgrade to HSReplay Premium by clicking here.

How to Multibox Hearthstone: Play 2 or 3 Servers at Same Time

I grind to legend on NA and EU every month. I became a lot quicker once I found out how to multibox Hearthstone so I could play both servers at the same time.

I have a window for EU on one monitor, NA on the other, and grind away. If you play aggro you can get through 20-30 games in an hour across two servers, so if you value your time it’s a winner.

Here is how you set everything up to start multiboxing (and yes it’s fine with Blizzard – it’s not against any TOS or anything).

How to Multibox Hearthstone in 4 Steps

This may differ a little depending on your operating system. But this is what I did to set up multiboxing Hearthstone using Windows 10.

Step 1 – Use File Explorer to find where the Hearthstone files are located on your PC. You can see in the screenshot where I found mine at This PC>Local Disk (C:)>Program Files (x86)>Hearthstone

How to Multibox Hearthstone file locations

Step 2 – Right click the Hearthstone application file. Choose properties, and then compatibility, then run is in Windows XP (Service Pack 2) mode. (See screenshot below.)

How to Multibox Hearthstone compatability

Step 3 – Now you need to go to your client. Under settings>General – you will see Allow multiple instances of

Check the box as per the screenshot below.

How to Multibox Hearthstone Multiple Instances

Step 4 – That’s it, you’re ready to play 1, 2 or 3 regions at the same time in separate windows now.

Choose your regions and open up windows for each region and test your multi-tasking skills. Just don’t miss lethal! 🙂

How to Multibox Hearthstone Chosing Multiple Regions

Tips When Running Multiple Instances of Hearthstone

There is no point running two instances and playing on two servers if your win rate suffers because of it.

I’m able to maintain the same win rate and climb on both servers as I would playing one, so it works for me.

Here a few tips that might help:

  • Use the same deck on all servers. It requires less thinking when swapping from window to window.
  • Don’t rush. You have 75 seconds per turn which is more than enough to think through your turn on one screen and swap to the other.
  • Use two monitors. Don’t try and minimize one window when you’re playing the other, or make the windows so small it’s hard to see.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can’t run two instances of the same region for the same account. That wouldn’t make any sense as I’m sure you can understand.

You can play two different accounts though if you want to build up another account while you’re grinding your main account.