RDU Malygos Druid w Barnes Arcane Giant

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RDU Malygos Druid w Barnes Arcane GiantThis is the RDU Malygos Druid w Barnes Arcane Giant he was playing on stream. It’s interesting to see all the Pro players testing Malygos Druid just off the back of Barnes being released.

Druid has always been one of the classes that Malygos works well in due to it’s low cost, high damage spells, and of course the chance to cheat mana and innervate.

The hope with Barnes here is that you get a 1/1 copy of Malygos, Ragnaros, Gadgetzan, Fandral, or Emperor. Any of these are you’re going to get some insane value from your cards. Barnes is better off played later in the game when you have more mana to use as soon as you drop it therefor.

2 thoughts on “RDU Malygos Druid w Barnes Arcane Giant”

    1. Hi Bogdan

      I will try and add general mulligan guides on future deck postings.
      This deck follows the general Druid mulligan strategy of ramp and removal. The key card vs Dragon Warrior is Wrath. They Alexstraza Champion and K Elite chargers are both 3 health.
      I think you threw Wrath back, but got another.
      This deck is slighlty unfavored vs Dragon Warrior. It doesn’t have the big taunts of a token Druid build to soak up a lot of damage.

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