Reynad Babbling Book Tempo Mage Deck

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Reynad Babbling Book Tempo Mage DeckWith the release of Babbling Book yesterday I’m checking out all the Pro’s testing this card. This is the Reynad Babbling Book Tempo Mage Deck he was playing on stream.

The card is actually a lot better than I, and a lot of other people thought. You can drop this on turn one,  pick up a spell and see where to go from there.

It’s the unpredictability of the spell that has the most impact I think. Tempo Mage can be pretty predictable, but it’s hard to play around a spell that could be anything.

Babbling Book Tempo Mage Mulligan Strategy

Mulligan as you would a normal Tempo Mage, look for the early removal and 2 drop minions. The difference here is that you can keep Babbling Book in your opening hand, you can drop it at any point in the game really, it’s a flexible card.

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