ShtanUdachi Handlock Old Gods META

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This build is the ShtanUdachi Handlock Old Gods META list. Anyone who ShtanUdachi Handlock Old Gods METAplayed before the Old Gods release will be well aware of how strong, and fun, Handlock was. The old lists obviously relied on lowering your health and dropping those Molten Giants.

Molten Giants were nerfed and that’s no longer possible. But this list actually works in a different way, yet has those huge giant taunts. The new card Faceless Shambler is the MVP in this deck. It copies the stats of another friendly minion and adds taunt.

Tap early and get a Mountain Giant down. Faceless it, Shambler it, and get those taunts up. With almost no silence in the current META decks you can get away with some greedy plays and lock up the board.

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