SilentStorm NA Last Call HCT Decks

Hearthstone Blizzcon Championship 2016

The NA (Americas) Last Call HCT Invitational is taking place on the 15th October. The EU Last Call tournament last week has some fun and exciting matches, so I’m expecting the same from the NA region.

It’s an 8-man tournament as the players with the most HCT points get one last chance to make it to Blizzcon and get a shot at the big prize.

The players taking part are; (click their names to see their NA Last Call Deck Lists)









Here are the SilentStorm NA Last Call HCT Decks

SilentStorm Last Call Tempo Mage Deck

SilentStorm Last Call Tempo Mage Deck

SilentStorm Last Call C’Thun Warrior Deck

SilentStorm Last Call C'Thun Warrior Deck

SilentStorm Last Call Discard Warlock Deck

SilentStorm Last Call Discard Warlock Deck

SilentStorm Last Call Midrange Shaman Deck

SilentStorm Last Call Midrange Shaman Deck

SilentStorm Last Call Malygos Druid Deck

SilentStorm Last Call Malygos Druid Deck

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