Sjow Malygos Barnes Druid Deck

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Malygos Druid with Barnes is one of the most popular decks to come out Sjow Malygos Barnes Druid Deckof the second wing of Karazhan so far. It’s early in the META and there is a lot to still be tested, but being a Druid deck it’s sure to hang around. Being able to Innervate and ramp to cheat mana means anything is possible.

The damage potential with Malygos on the board is pretty crazy. Ignoring what you may have drawn fro Raven Idol, you have Living Roots (7 damage), Moonfire (6 damage), Swipe (9 + 6 damage), Wrath (8 or 6 damage to minions).

Loads of burst damge, card draw, ramp, Arcane Gaints, how can you lose? 🙂

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